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Astroflyers are at the cutting edge of healthy lifestyle sports equipment - a combination of assisted exercise and recreational equipment. Astroflyers offer the opportunity to combine health & fitness with heaps of fun.

Astroflyers will be THE HOTTEST sports entertainment product available for this coming year – be among the first to get yours!

Pilot benefits:
Astroflyers offer the following genuine and proven benefits to their users:
1 Aerobic exercise;
2 Improved cardiovascular circulation;
3 Increased metabolism;
4 Burn calories & body fat which helps you to lose unwanted weight;
5 Improves body tone, especially calves, thighs, hips & buttocks;
6 Decreased body weight, while increasing muscle mass;
7 Reduced impact significantly decreases stress on weight-bearing joints such as ankles, knees & hips;
8 Astroflyers deliver rapid results because the user is quickly operating in a ‘high energy’ state, much more quickly than most exercise options;
9 Children - to take them away from sedentary activities, including computer / TV based entertainment and schoolwork;
10 Improved self-esteem & personal confidence as your children master their Astroflyer and realise their improved fitness and physique;
11 A great way to spend time with your family and friends, in a healthy pursuit of fitness and togetherness;
12 Outdoor workout; &, of course,
13 Fun!!

Pilots, how to select your Astroflyer…
Astroflyers are designed for specific weight categories:

Young Pilots: 30-50kg $199
50-60kg $259

Adult Pilots: 50-70kg 70-9-kg 90-110kg

$30.00 per day

Quantity for hire: 20
$30.00 per day
min charge: $30.00
bond: $100.00

Location: Remuera, Auckland City, Auckland

Areas serviced: pickup only

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