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Alphha 4 berth spaceship - family campervan


All the benefits of Alpha 2 with an additional double bed on the roof. Best suited to families but can fit four adults if you don't mind being cozy.

No hidden costs policy
Free unlimited kilometres
Standard insurance included
Low accident excess (this isn't deducted from your bank account)
Fully equipped for four people
24 hour roadside service
Priced as a car on the ferry
No extra driver fees
GST included
No road user charges
Nationwide support, guidance and DVD exchange from our 16 Spaceship Stations
Can swap DVDs with any other Spaceships you see along the way.

Spaceships offer the ideal vehicle for all age groups, giving you freedom, flexibility, culture, support and a vehicle that is fun, safe and easy to drive.

Spaceships are like a good car to drive with more useful features than a campervan. This means that you have the freedom, flexibility and comfort that you can drive up steep hills, on gravel roads and even park in an underground carpark with no problems and still enjoy the cooking and sleeping options of a campervan. The great features that you get with your Spaceships include: a dual battery system (so you don’t need a mains plug); extendable bed for extra space and ventilation; lockable storage; CD/DVD and MP3 player plus chiller/fridge, cooker, and all the essential living equipment. Plus there are unique features such as our Space Stations around the country offering free advice and great deals for Space Travellers, and the special Space Community where you can meet other Space Travellers by swapping DVDs with them and at the Space Stations.

from $50.00

Hiring Rates:
min charge: $50.00

Location: Penrose, Auckland City, Auckland

Areas serviced: pickup only

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