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BodyBugg Calories Burned Counter - this is NOT a pedometer

Count the calories you burn over 24 hours.
Currently not avail in NZ. Following is directly from the bodybugg calorie tracker works by keeping an accurate daily record of calories . burned making it easier to stay informed, make decisions and more effectively manage your weight.

What does it do?
The bodybugg system includes sleek wearable devices that are complemented by a user-friendly web based program.
Additional benefits & features
• Uses specialized sensors to track calories burned
• Manages calories consumed via a web based program (you will need to purchase separately)
• PC and Mac compatible
• Runs on a rechargeable battery

The renter will need to purchase a subscription from the website to load the calories burned data from the unit to the website (it's only about 5 dollars per month). I don't have the digital display yet, but it's been ordered. I tracked my calories over just about 14 days and then I used the calories I burn (vs what I eat) to lose weight. I'll also throw in a copy of my diet story (how I lost 36kg) for $5 extra

$25.00 per week

Quantity for hire: Multiple
Hiring Rates:
$25.00 per week
bond: $50.00

Location: Henderson, Waitakere City, Auckland

Areas serviced: pickup only

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