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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Hire Things?

Hire Things is an open space you can use to promote goods, places, and services you have for hire or rent.

Potential customers can search the site, and place quote and booking requests online

Any person, group or business can list things for hire.

Who can list things on Hire Things?

Any business, group, or individual with goods, places, and/or services for hire, rent, lease, or let.

How does it work?

Members list goods, places, or services for hire or rent, and other members can view them and make quote and booking requests. See here for more details

What are "Founding Suppliers" ?

Founding Suppliers are those brave and pioneering businesses, organisations, and traders/individuals that took the plunge to list their things for hire on Hire Things in the first year of us being live. They not only saw the value to their own businesses of being in the marketplace, but they also saw the value it would bring to consumers by making it easier to find, look at, and book their things. We at Hire Things thank them for taking the lead, for giving us feedback on how to improve the service and sticking with us through some of the early bugs & problems on the site, and for being the sole reason that Hire Things is growing like it is.

I've forgotten my password... what should I do?

Please go to the "Forgotten Password" page here and enter your email address you use to login.

You will soon after that receive an email you with a link for you to click in the email. Clicking on the link in the email will take you to a page where you should enter your log-in email address again and then enter a new password (and confirm your new password).

This will reset your password, and will then log you in.

I've received a Hire Things email with a link but I can't log-in... help

There should be a link in the email you received and it will probably point to your booking/enquiry...
If you are a customer hiring-in, you can also go directly to "my hire planners"

If you are a supplier hiring-out, you can go directly to "my jobs"

Your log-in is your email address (the one where notification emails are sent to)

If you've forgotten your password please go to the "Forgotten Password" page and enter in your log-in email and you'll be immediately sent a link via email to allow you to reset your password.