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Economy Class Rental Car from $35/day peak, $29/day off-peak

Our economy class rental car is the ideal budget rental car for 1 or 2 people who want to travel economically around sealed roads of the South Island or the whole of New Zealand. Comfortable and cheap to run.

» Toyota Corolla II, Mazda 323 or similar

» 1.3 litre (1300cc)

» 3 door hatchback

» 1-2 Adults

» 1 midsize case or 2 smaller bags

Peak season rates are shown as estimates.
Off peak rates are:
Days $/day
5-6 $49
7-13 $39
14-20 $35
21-29 $32
30+ $29

Peak rates are:
Days $/day
5-6 $53
7-13 $42
14-20 $39
21-29 $37
30+ $35

$29.00 per day(from)*conditions apply

Quantity for hire: Multiple
$29.00 per day(from)*conditions apply

Location: Burnside, Christchurch City, Canterbury

Areas serviced: pickup only

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terms of use:

Up to 4 drivers included. Drivers must be 21 years or older with full license.

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