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Awesome 1200w commercial backpack vacuum cleaner

Gotta clean up the flat or the office and do a good job? Stop struggling with useless, hard to push, ineffective vacuum cleaners.

This is what you use when you want a good job done fast, and it's some much less hassle having the motor on your back!

Pullman PV12 backpack vacuum cleaner, with an awesomely strong 1200w commercial grade motor.

Has adjustable length pipe & easy push "slurper" vacuum head**, this is a pleasure to use.

** wheels on head. Since motor is so strong it makes pushing across the carpet easy).

Great for quickly and thoroughly vacuuming large areas.

This is for dry vacuum cleaning only.
Not to be used for vacuuming up plaster dust from sanding after platering... the super fine dust requires special vacuum cleaners to avoid damaging the motor.

Hire cost plus $3 for filter-bag

$28.00 per day

Hiring Rates:
$28.00 per day
$75.00 per week
bond: $150.00

Location: Aro Valley, Wellington City, Wellington

Areas serviced: pickup only

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terms of use:

Must be used only for dry vacuuming.
Must not be used for plaster dust.
Motor filter must always be in the bag.
Empty bag/filter

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