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name: Peter Torr Smith
trading name: South East West
feedback rating: 29 from 384 loan transactions
member since: December 01 2006
current listings: 25 view all their listings
Aro Valley
Wellington City
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
about them:

A few things I like to see used and enjoyed :-)

endorsements, affiliations:
Founding Supplier - 1st year of Hire Things!!

Recently received feedback
Positive: rachaelbolger (1)
"Awesome to deal with. "
rachaelbolger was the customer
Positive: alessandra_ (1)
"Very friendly and flexible with time. Tent was awesome and came with a manual too ! "
alessandra_ was the customer
Positive: ptorr (1)
ptorr was the customer
Good too
Positive: myshko (1)
"I appreciate Peter's service very much! It did really help me to get and transfer proper trustful data straight to my doctor with no hassle in clinics, appointments and so. 1-2, well, 3 minutes each time, and tons of data at the end to form a trend how it works 24/7. Very satisfied!"
myshko was the customer
Thanks, glad it helped :-)
Positive: nguam (Member's email address not yet verified.)
"Peter is very pleasant to work with. I'll certainly hire from this supplier again. "
nguam was the customer
"FB by supp (HT) on job, about customer (HP)"
hirethings was the supplier