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name: North Shore
trading name: Mr Rental
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member since: December 18 2007
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North Shore City
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
about them:

Mr Rental doesn't believe in wasting time. So you can order your appliances on-line today, and you'll have them delivered, installed and demonstrated within 24 hours. All for free. FREE servicing within 24 hours Mr Rental wants your life hassle free just like his. So if you ever have a problem with your appliance, give us a ring and we'll repair or replace it within 24 hours. Again for free! Mr Rental gives you an easy payment option of direct debit. Simple. No large cash outlay when renting, unlike when you purchase an appliance. Just one budgeted payment, in line with your pay day. One of the best things about renting is you can upgrade at any time. So, like Mr Rental, you can always have the latest appliances in your home. Mr Rental will always look after you with great package deals like "Rent 3 appliances & get your 4th one RENT FREE!" You can always add more appliances to your agreement anytime you want. That keeps life easy doesn't it?

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Founding Supplier - 1st year of Hire Things!!

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